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American Cultural Center at Northeastern University (NEU) in Shenyang was officially launched on May 10th, 2013. The Center has an office and a reading room, as well as a newly installed video conferencing system. The reading room houses approximately 8,000 books in English, 3,500 books in Chinese, 68 magazines and journals in Chinese, 89 magazines and journals in English, and 1,400 films and music CDs. The reading room collection in sustainability has been growing with purchases and donations, in addition to the general materials on American studies and classic American literature, with the sustainability the most salient feature of its book collection. 

The reading room is open to all the students as well as faculty on campus. Since its operation in 2013, the ACC has successfully implemented 20 major programs and more than 70 activities in collaboration with Appalachian State University, Ping Pong Productions, The Fulbright Scholars Program, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, the U.S. Consulate General in Shenyang, and other ACCs and universities in China and U.S.

2015-2016 Programming Highlights

Public Speaking Program
The 2015 public speaking and film showings focused on topics related to sustainable development and environmental issues. The public speaking group conducted the program in four universities in China in May.

Approximately 900 students and 60 faculty members and staff from the four universities attended the public speaking and film sessions.


Student Clubs
Two student clubs were created at NEU in 2014: The Sustainability Club adopted the theme of “Creating a Green Campus” for its activities and the Reading Club focuses on readings and presentations related to American ecological literature. 


 Materials Acquisition for ACCs
In addition to purchasing the classic materials for the ACC at NEU, we also purchased some materials in July and August for faculty members at NEU to accommodate their teaching and research needs for resources.

As part of this year’s public speaking program and our collaboration with other ACCs, we purchased $650 worth of books and films on the environment and sustainability for ACCs at University of Shanghai for Science & Technology and Shanghai University. The gift materials were greatly appreciated by the faculty members and students at the two universities.

We have also purchased 25 academic writing books for each of three universities: Northeastern University, Shanghai University and Beijing International Studies University in December as part of 2015/2016 ACC grant project. 


Global Understandings Course
NEU joined this course during the spring semester 2015, with three other universities located in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. The course was developed and taught by a group of professors at Appalachian, and delivered through a video conferencing system with the students from Appalachian attending the class. The topics for the course were Introductions, College Life, Family and Environment. Nine students from Appalachian and 8 students from NEU attended this class.


Speech Contest
In 2015, NEU students participated in Wesleyan College - Guangzhou University ACC’s English speech contest program. A NEU student won second place in the contest.



2015 American Culture Experience Festival
Hosted by Foreign Studies College (FSC) of NEU right after the China National Day in October, the cultural festival was a great success. The festival consisted of four experience zones: gourmet, teaching, recreation and country’s features. In the American cultural zone, there were several “Image Ambassadors” dressing in American costumes. The spectators ate pizza made by FSC students, painted Easter eggs and Halloween masks, took pictures with Halloween costumes and even chatted with international students. Oven 1,000 spectators participated in the festival events. The cultural experience has helped enhance student’s understanding of American culture and increased their interests in learning English and American culture. 

 “Bald Eagle & Panda” U.S. - China Culture Exchange Virtual Conference
The proposals from 5 students from NEU and one student from Appalachian were accepted in both categories as a recorded presentation at the live virtual conference on May 15-16 as well as a recorded presentation archived on the conference website. Two students, one from NEU and one from Appalachian, had won scholarship awards.


Faculty Exchange Program
During June 20 to August 20, 2015, Appalachian hosted two visitors from Northeastern University. They took classes and participated in different cultural and academic activities on campus and elsewhere in the U.S. And the visitors also shared their Chinese experiences and topics of mutual interest with Appalachian students and faculty members.

Dr. Jeanne Dubino, Professor of Global Studies and English from Appalachian who was the ACC exchange professor in 2014, returned to teach again at Northeastern University from May to July of 2015 as a Fulbright Scholar.


Appalachian Students at NEU
Five Appalachian students studied at NEU during the spring semester and 12 students traveled to NEU for their summer study abroad program.


Academic Writing Online Course
The theme for 2015/2016 ACC project is Academic Writing. We developed an online course during the fall 2015, which has been used by three universities in China during their spring semester. The course website can be found at



Northeastern University

Dr. Wen Zhao

Dean of Foreign Studies College

Northeastern University


Wen Zhao is Professor of English and Dean of the
Foreign Studies College at Northeastern University. She also serves as Vice Director of the College English Teaching Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education.

Her main publication and research interests are in English curriculum and instruction, computer-assisted language learning, and corpus linguistics. She is currently the Director of American Cultural Center (ACC) established between Appalachian State University and Northeastern University.


Appalachian State University

Dr. Xiaorong Shao

Associate Professor

Information Literacy Librarian

Appalachian State University


Dr. Xiaorong Shao is an Associate Professor and Information Literacy Librarian at Appalachian State University. She is co-directing the American Cultural Center between Appalachian State University and Northeastern University, Shenyang, China. Dr. Shao has been involved in many international activities and research projects on campus and beyond. Her teaching and research interests are information resources and services for international users, applied data analysis and research methods in social sciences. Dr. Shao earned four degrees from three countries in the fields of soil science, chemistry, curriculum and instruction, information and library science.