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Center for American Culture


The Center for American Culture at Xi'an International University is designed to promote understanding between China and the U.S., providing training for English language and American culture, and educating Chinese visitors about life in the United States. The center serves as an interactive and welcoming place where students, Chinese-English teachers, and members of the community will be able to have opportunities to experience American culture. 


2015-2016 Programming Highlights

  • Two types of activities:  academic/training events and casual/social interaction events


  • Performing arts programs in ACC – Ping Pong Productions provided accommodation and  transportation for the artists
  • Activities primarily focus on English improvement - English corner at ACC, and two movie nights each week


  • Exchange students from College of Lake County to Xi’an International University
  • Dancing theater program organized by College of Lake County


  • Started a writing center to engage students, faculty and local communities, and issued 150 certificates


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College of Lake County

Dr. Timothy Murphy

Political Science

College of Lake County

Dr. Timothy Murphy received his B.A. from University of Wisconsin-Parkside, M.A. at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and his Ph.D. FROM University of Miami.