The American Centers for Cultural Exchange (ACCEX) is a bilateral network of American cultural centers (ACCs) throughout China. These centers are located on university campuses and are jointly managed by American and Chinese Universities.  The mission of our network is to create mutual understanding through innovative cultural exchange and academic collaboration. Each ACC has an unique approach to fostering the bilateral relationship through creative programs, outreach activities, exhibits, lectures and performances. The ACCEX network facilitates shared resources, cooperative programs, the exchange of ideas, and funding opportunities. ACCEX members and network supporters convene annually to build a stronger network and bilateral relationship between China and the United States.



Inspired by and modeled after the success of the Sichuan University-Arizona State University Center for American Culture, the U.S. Department of State funded 11 Sino-American university partnerships in 2011 to create a network of ACCs on Chinese campuses. Additional centers have been launched with State Department support nearly every year since. These centers seek to develop a deeper appreciation of American society and values by thoughtful exploration of the nuances and complexities of American life. Until the SCU-ASU Center was launched, this kind of collaborative venture did not exist in China. Now with Arizona State University’s leadership, these centers are telling the American story to thousands of Chinese students, teachers and citizens across China.

ASU is leading this network of American cultural centers to facilitate shared resources and develop cooperative programs. With support from the Ford Foundation, ASU convened the first meeting of the Chinese and American partner universities in Beijing in June 2012. ASU continues to organize this annual gathering with the goal of fostering the American Centers for Cultural Exchange network. The synergy of working together creates new opportunities unavailable to any one center working alone. The future leaders of China will gain a deeper understanding of American values, but the people of the United States will be the ultimate beneficiaries of a strong, stable relationship with China.

ACCEX Centers

  • Appalachian State and Northeastern University
  • Arizona State University and Sichuan University
  • College of Lake County and Xi’an International University
  • Iowa State and Henan Normal University
  • Iowa State and Harbin University of Science and Technology
  • Johnson C. Smith University and Guangdong Baiyun University
  • New York Institute of Technology and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Ohio State University and Wuhan University
  • Southern Utah University and Hunan Normal University
  • U.S.-China Education Trust and Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • U.S.-China Education Trust and Northeast Normal University
  • University of Dayton and Soochow University
  • University of Kentucky and Shanghai University
  • University of Minnesota Crookston and Zhejiang Economic and Trade Polytechnics
  • University of Minnesota, School of Kinesiology and Tianjin University of Sport
  • University of Nebraska and Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • University of North Dakota and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
  • Vanderbilt University and South China Normal University
  • Wesleyan College and Guangzhou University