ACCEX Network 2016 Excellence Award 

The application deadline for this award has passed.

The American Centers for Cultural Exchange (ACCEX) is a bilateral network of American Cultural Centers (ACCs) throughout China. These centers are located on university campuses and are jointly managed by American and Chinese universities. The mission of these ACCs is to educate the next generation of citizens and leaders about American culture, history, values, and beliefs, as Americans gain knowledge of China through the development of deep relationships facilitated by the network. The ACCs create programs, outreach activities, exhibits, lectures, and performances that foster a deeper appreciation for American society and values by thoughtful exploration of the nuances and complexities of American life. The ACCEX network facilitates collaborative research, shared resources, cooperative programs, the fostering of deep relationships between partners and their communities, and funding opportunities. ACCEX members and network supporters convene annually to build a stronger network and bilateral relationships between China and the United States.


In order to encourage and recognize the growth of creative and collaborative programming, the ACCEX network announces the 2016 Excellence Award for outstanding ACC programming during the 2015-2016 school year. The recipient of this award will receive a $2,500 prize for future programming. Scores will be tallied and announced at the 2016 ACCEX Conference in Guangzhou. Click here to register.


To read the full announcement, including criteria and submission instructions, please click here.

AuthorJessica Korinek