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One of the original 10 culture centers funded by the State Department, the WHU-OSU CAC is very much of a physical presence in a prime location on the first floor of the newly-built College of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Wuhan University. The CAC is outfitted with a full-service kitchen, entertainment center, 6-foot custom-built gaming/dining table, and a computer loft.

The Chinese director, Junping Liu, and his secretary, Norman Liu, monitor and regulate the usage of it by student groups such as the English Street Club, whose adviser is the Chair of the College English Department. These students use the CAC many times each month for their activities: culture salon, U.S. holiday celebrations, movie nights, cooking class, etc. 

The WHU-OSU CAC is also the main attraction when faculty, staff, and students visit WHU from OSU. It is a wonderful place to host receptions to promote the long-standing academic, research, and social relationship between WHU and OSU.

2015 - 2016 Programming Highlights


Sponsored by a U.S. State Department grant, the Ohio State University selected 14 African-American students from three fraternities to travel to China. Read the full article here.


Wuhan University

Junping Liu

Chinese Director, CAC


Wuhan University

Email: junping87@yahoo.com.cn


武汉大学英语语言文学硕士(1990年)武汉大学哲学博士(2005年) 耶鲁大学博士后 (2005-2006)兼任武汉大学哲学学院博士生导师、武汉大学翻译与比较文化研究中心主任、外国语学院英文系副系主任、支部书记、武汉大学外国语学院学术委员会委员、中国英汉语比较研究会理事、中国比较文学学会翻译研究会常务理事、湖北省翻译协会常务理事、副秘书长、武汉市译协副会长、湖北省教师资格认定专家审查委员会委员、湖北省大学生翻译协会会长、中国哲学史学会会、湖北省哲学史学会会员、美国MLA会员。近年来先后赴美国哈佛大学、耶鲁大学、哥伦比亚大学等国外学术机构做学术交流、演讲。出版专、译著10余部,论文60余篇。其研究领域为西方翻译理论、哲学、比较诗学等。


Ohio State University 

Bob Eckhart

American Director, CAC

Ohio State University

Email:  eckhart.5@osu.edu

American Director of WHU-OSU CAC and former Executive Director of Combined ESL Programs at OSU. Taught for 20+ years in the English Department, ESL Composition Program, Fisher College of Business, and Moritz College of Law. B.S. Economics, Miami University; M.A. Comparative Cultural Studies, OSU; Juris Doctor, OSU.